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Daito Fuses

Hybec Limited is the official European distributor for DAITO Fuses & Holders, Japan.

Daito fuses are used to ensure safety in a wide range of important applications including communications, computing, measurement, control, CNC machine tools, industrial robotsand traffic signals. Daito fuses meet overseas safety standards such as UL and CSA, and IEC standards in addition to Japanese safety standards, to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications, including equipment for export.

Hybec supplies fuses across the international market and most can be supplied from stock. For further technical information concerning Daito fuses, please click on the Daito logo.

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You can purchase a variety of fuses and holders through our webshop

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Our Daito Fuses department can also be contacted by e-mail at daito@hybec.com or for export enquiries please contact export@hybec.com.

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