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Specialist Lighting

Flow Seal Lamps

As Hybec is the UK distributor of low voltage Xenon flow seal lamps we are able to offer very competitive prices and delivery schedules. These lamps are often referred to as "Rigid Loop", they have an exceptional long life of 20,000 Hours. Click here to view our PDF brochure.


Emergency Lighting

We also supply Hybec branded lamps for emergency lighting. These are manufactured in Japan and suitable for maintained and non-maintained systems. Available in halophosphur with an average life of 5000 hours and also available in triphosphur. Lamps are available in 4w, 6w and 8w. Click on the wattage for more information.

We supply to OEM's, wholesalers, contractors and other trade customers.


Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting (CCFL) Ultra Violet Fluorescent Lamps

We are able to offer CCFL lamps manufactured by our parent company in Japan, Miyakawa Corporation have been a leading innovative manufacturer for many years now. With a dedicated team of designers and engineers able to to work with you to meet your requirements.


Germicidal lamps (UVC) peak at 254nm and in this compact size can be used in extremely small devices for sanitation, sterilisation and also in analytical instruments.

The lamps can be used in hand dryers, water dispensers, small sterilisation devices for toothbrushes, shoes and many more.


Blacklight blue lamps are useful for detection of ink, photocatalyst, curing and also checking for counterfeit bank notes and art. This technology can also be used to detect certain skin conditions (Dermatology, Woods). The lamps peak at 365nm and utilise special phosphur and blue filter glass so that the visible radiation is reduced and the desired wavelength is emitted.


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Hybec Hi-Heater

Providing instantaneous heat through a compact body and a variety of nozzles makes this perfect for a variety of uses. Examples are soldering of compact components, drying of date printing on cans, shrinking of coatings for cables and many more. Please take a look at the brochure for more information on uses and also applications. Available in 100v and 200v and from 100w to 550w.


Halogen Heater Lamps (Near Infrared)

The need to raise the temperature in a short period of time or reduce the size of heating elements and make them more compact has grown. The R&D team at the Miyakawa Corporation are always working to improve technology and become more ecological with their designs. The use of the halogen heater lamp converts more tha 85% of power consumption into heat. With more than 5000 hours of life, these lamps can provide cost savings and their compact design allows the equipment to be downsized. Click here for more information.



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For any further general information about General Lighting in the UK please contact generallighting@hybec.com or for export please contact export@hybec.com.















UV Lamps




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